Property Management FAQs

How do you screen potential guests?
We do our best to ensure that all guests staying in your property are respectful and considerate of your space. Our systems restrict bookings to adults aged 23 or older, and require a valid credit card and government issued ID. Furthermore, guests are required to sign a rental agreement at the time of booking across any and all platforms.

How will my vacation rental stand out?
- We offer complimentary consulting to get your home vacation rental ready.
- We provide a well-written description focusing on the property’s key selling points
- We recommend a descriptive and catchy headline 
- Professional photography is key and our photographers are on standby. 
- We answer booking inquiries promptly and professionally, within one hour.
- Our rates are competitive and dynamic, based on a number of factors we monitor daily.

How do you determine pricing for our vacation home?
We use Beyond Pricing, the go-to industry standard for advanced, dynamic pricing. Beyond Pricing accounts for changes in demand nightly, so you can rest assured that you’re never leaving money on the table. 

Can I still use my vacation home for personal use when needed?
Absolutely. We hope you’ll come enjoy your home. Our contracts are flexible, and simply require advance notice of your arrival. 

What are your fees?
Our fees are transparent. We operate on a commission-based fee structure. In other words, we only make money when you do. Our management fee is based on your wants, needs, and your vacation home. 

What type of rental occupancy should I expect?
Rental occupancy varies by home, based on a number of factors, including location, furnishings, aesthetics, and amenities. Homes that are consistently listed with COVH tend to see the best occupancy rates due to return guests and referrals. Guest reviews are also a major determinate. Homes with outstanding guest reviews tend to enjoy higher occupancy rates as guests trust the reviews of others. We offer a free consultation to make the most of your vacation home.

What amenities do you suggest?
Each home is different, but many guests narrow their search by specific criteria. Having managed dozens of vacation homes, and with our 25 years of experience working for the top resorts in the area, we know that king beds, family friendly accessories, including high chairs, hot tubs, bikes, non-motorized boats (canoes, kayaks, paddle baords, and lifejackets) are big positives for guests. 

We'd love to manage, list, and maintain your vacation home.